23 definitions by El Cholo

The sum of 5 English pounds. A fiver Is
blue In colour hence a bluey.
"Best gimme my goddamn change"
"heres your bluey back you bastad"
by El Cholo February 9, 2004
To loiter, look around just be In the vicinity.
by El Cholo August 4, 2004
Regulating body of British law enforcement protecting public Interest overseeing that justice & equity Is adhered to at all times.

In truth? An In house old bastads network comprised of former coppers &
well to do numbnuts. Thier main purpose to lie, cover up deny & conceal the polices many wrongdoings, looking out solely for their own kind.
"Grey, got that letter from theP.C.C"
"Any good?"
"Ive got a steel plate In my jaw,six teeth missing and they say theres no case to answer"
"Bad that Is"
"He fuckin put the 'andcuffs on first then he gives me a shoein In the holdin
cell- that aint restraining someone"
"Dickheads man"
"They got 3 statements sayin exactly the same shit. These f'kin Feds man they ain't accountable to no-one"
"Just cos they got a badge they do as they like "
by El Cholo February 9, 2004
A gentleman usually of West Indian descent expressing disapproval, fustration or just to demean another by Inhaling between his teeth and frontal dentistry- he sucks his teeth so therefore he Is.
ttttttsssssssssssssssss! ghets me.
by El Cholo January 15, 2004