23 definitions by El Cholo

One a them what does stuff with the kiddies-aaarrrrgggghhhhh.
All nonces should Fuckin burn.
by El Cholo March 05, 2004
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bunch of phallaic whiteboys expouting
6 year old rhymes over playground beats exploiting pre-penetration Immature silly little girls on paperrounds.
Excrutiatingly embarrassing numbnuts Insulting real street music, hollow psuedo bad byoy hip pop bragging about how dangerous they are,this shit makes Ja rule sound like Busta Rymes. With all the talent of a spunked on tissue-utterly without redemption. Any hysterical bint disagreeing-It Is a democracy granted, but before humiliating yourself further please hear Nas, Roots, Jurassic 5, gangstarr etc etc avoid this colon coil.
"one question blazin squad?
Is there a God?
answer me you f'kin nimrod,
hate these boyband bellends,
what Im planning takes months to mend,
how many? 10?, no problem not with my samuri friend"
by El Cholo February 02, 2004
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The sum of 5 English pounds. A fiver Is
blue In colour hence a bluey.
"Best gimme my goddamn change"
"heres your bluey back you bastad"
by El Cholo February 09, 2004
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Police vehical In the West Midlands, yellow, blue & white controlled by a dickhead.
"Shit man that me?"
"Fuck you got the lights"
"Im gone, takin the chase"
"Dust him kid"

engine revs 2nd gear tears away hes thrapin It.
by El Cholo March 04, 2004
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