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Shoe babies, are shoes in fact. But they do not come from your typical shoe factory. Their is a quick and easy process in which to create shoe babies.

1) Put Shoe Lace on penis
2) Insert penis in vagina (sex)
3) Have a Little Fun
4) Allow Shoe Lace Fibers to Inter-mix with vagina fibers.

TA-DA you now have shoe babies.

That is the process, while the actual concept is quite difficult.

In order to actually produce shoe babies, you must allow the shoe lace fibers to inter mix with what we call the object fibers.

This Method was discovered by Dr. Thornburg & tested on Dr. Hudson
Damn, last night was so awesome we made Shoe Babies ... twice
by Spazznamedkendall March 18, 2009
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A baby with alot of shoes.
That baby with all the Jordans is a shoe baby.
by Conor Smale February 13, 2009
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