Judas Priest's most popular song; the theme song for masturbation.
Patrick's Mom- "PATRICK WE'RE HOME!"

Patrick's Dad- "Where is patrick?"

(the intro to breaking the law is heard up in Patrick's room)

Patrick's Mom- "OH NO, NOT AGAIN!!!"
by gayqui June 14, 2006
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When a dude, or chick in some cases, walks around the house wearing a shirt but nude otherwise fully exposing the genitals. Seen in many movies, but nonetheless totally unnecessary.
I was "breaking the law" last night looking for my boxers
by Muk Wang October 29, 2006
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April 11th is international break the law day. On this day you are supposed to post a picture of you breaking the law on Social Media or post a photo of an illegal item in your possession.
“It’s international break the law day! Everyone post pictures of your illegal guns!”
by LobsterMaster April 11, 2021
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