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From 2004 onwards, ShizNat also refers to the lesbian couple in the anime Mai Hime. ShizNat is the abbreviation for Shizuru and Natsuki.
That lesbian stalker just went shiznat over her prey.
by papa lolita April 26, 2006
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Replacement word for "shit". Used around pious friends and up-tight adults that really need to get a life.
by the hugable ninja February 12, 2009
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some may say this word means the shit. however, that was the 80's. my band means it as cool, or awesome. shiznit is a stupid mispronunciation of this word and anyone who says it should be condemned to a life of misery.
person #1: wow! that's the shiznat!

person #2: yeah that is the shiznit!

person #1: it's shizNAT u idiot!

*person #2 is condemned to a life of missery
by dan April 16, 2004
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Meaning tight. Came from a group of teens who stuck together thru hard times renaming themselves to fight the system known as Shiznat101.
Your party is the shiznat
by dudeman October 25, 2004
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Something freaking awesome.not shiznit though thats just plain gay.this word is used by many rappers and sexy awesome people like me!!!
That Pimping band lower OuTake is the shiznat!!!fo sho
by Chad Green May 01, 2004
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