Shivam,name taken from hindu god "lord shiva" as far as I know...
I have a someone whose name is shivam..he is funny caring loving..he is down to earth no ego,no attitude,
Life brings a lot of difficulties but he never give up,he motivate himself to keep trying n learning...he is daring n independent.
Sometimes he is very serious n strict but sometime he is humorous n very emotional mtlb haad s jayda emotional...he always cheer up me when I feel down n help me motivate me....I pray he always healthy happy n succeed in his career...
I like him him so much♥️
by Maggu2418 June 22, 2020
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A guy who is just utterly amazing. Hes a real sweet heart but at the same time, is bad ass to the bone. He also loves to play sports. He can get chicks just by walking past them. People know him as a Funny,Hot, and Ripped niggah. He reps that Delaware swag, also he is respected by all. Finally, He is the guy you want in your life even if your a male or a female, because he is just one crazy,sexy,funny,loving,and sweet guy.
I love that guy named Shivam. He is the coolest guy I know.
by Young cap. June 21, 2011
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The meaning is simple, it means Good oath or even good Luck in some languages
Mum: Hey there would be all good Shivam in all of you
by TISNNSNSNDKP November 10, 2017
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An amazing person talented and sweet..true to his friends and tall. Freakishly crazy and a genius.😜(totally does not have specs )
He is an amazing player ..obvio he is a shivam. Duh!
by Me.ness October 14, 2019
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It's a Greek/African name

Your great in bed if your a shivam

And have sparking eyes
Your the guy with the big dick
You are the strongest
I wish I was a shivam
He is strong and has sparking eyes, he must be a shivam
by Hadman September 12, 2017
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Straight dont want to fight a "Shivam".....He will chip you up then stone you....He is a goon.....You dont want to mess
Shivam is a goon.
by Straight goon December 09, 2008
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Shivam is the one who makes life worth living and owns shivani for life.
Shivam is so handsome shivani is in love with him
by 007bondshit July 26, 2020
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