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A guy who is just utterly amazing. Hes a real sweet heart but at the same time, is bad ass to the bone. He also loves to play sports. He can get chicks just by walking past them. People know him as a Funny,Hot, and Ripped niggah. He reps that Delaware swag, also he is respected by all. Finally, He is the guy you want in your life even if your a male or a female, because he is just one crazy,sexy,funny,loving,and sweet guy.
I love that guy named Shivam. He is the coolest guy I know.
by Young cap. June 21, 2011
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the one who owns it all...can't get better than him can b annoying as a youngster up to the end of middle school, after that everyone loves him he gives off an aura of amazingness and earns respect from everyone, sure he's not perfect, but no one's perfect it's who's inside him that's perfect. Works hard to earn a girl's love and never ditches her after accomplishing getting her love.
That Shivam is going to be a great kid someday.
by aznmonsta94 February 26, 2010
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wow.....the people who wrote these definitions have no life.
Shivam is the name of a boy from Indian Descent. the name coes from the hindu god "shiva"
person 1: What's your name?
Indian boy: My name is shivam
by Who cares about my name May 12, 2007
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Straight dont want to fight a "Shivam".....He will chip you up then stone you....He is a goon.....You dont want to mess
Shivam is a goon.
by Straight goon December 09, 2008
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a kid that is extremely ugly. He likes to lie and beatbox in order to try to be cool. Of course he is retarted. He looks indian but can be confused to a paki. He thinks he is a pimp but he is really gay and likes to suck other indian dicks.
Shivam stop beatboxing, you look like a retard
Does it ever get uglier then a shivam.
by max March 07, 2005
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A dumb-ass kid who wears his shorts and sandels in the winter.
Why is Shivam wearing his shorts when it is 20 degrees below out?
by Jim November 11, 2003
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