The gayest mother fucker in town. He tries to touch your dick in public and looks at you thirsty desires. Wants to be a masseuse in Thailand but is ultimately destined to return back to the alien space ship once his responsibilities of watching over the human race for the lizard people with fish eyes...
"Woah watch out! It's a Shivam Gupta"
by Nani means what??????????????? December 08, 2017
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Shivam is the name of a person who is in love with the stick and never wants to be away from the stick.
Shivam loves danda.
by Avigenix January 04, 2022
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He has the most attractive smile and is funny to the core, will make you laugh even at the hardest times. He is the guy you can call, I GOT LUCKY. He is driven, loves to study, power means a lot to him. Always fantasizing about Marvel movies and loves Sci-Fi.
by Yourfaveyeda November 24, 2021
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He is the most ramdi person
Double face ramdi person

Obsessed with his mother
Second word for ramdi
Do you know any shivam in gb road
by Kauhekoo November 28, 2021
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A guy with a bold spot. Pink nipples, silver chain and braces. Fuck boy, rich AF. Usually from Sahranpur.
Ohh that creepy boy? Yeah that's a Shivam.

Do you know any fuck boys around? Ah yes Shivam is there.
by shakuni mama 6969 November 25, 2021
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Shivam comes from hindu god name lord Shiva ,the god of gods ,the person named Shivam are very kind they love everyone in this world full of selfish people Shivam stands for people he may get hurt helping people ,He may even stand against loved ones for the truth , Shivam is romantically introvert but when they trut you no one else is better then him ,is facing so many things at a time but always keeps smiling 😊
by RISHI SINGH November 25, 2021
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