-Did you see what happened to Jen? Her boyfriend was caught using her underwears
- What a shituation!
by Wally_Gator July 9, 2021
-"we got a shituation here"
-"why what happend"
-"someone cloged the toilet"
by nikolam August 8, 2008
"Fuck! My boyfriend just found out that i am cheating on him!!!"

"Wow, that is a big shituation..."
by whichmonaneyy February 6, 2008
The result of being comfortable enough on the toilet to start/continue taking a shit.
After wiping the seat, and with no one else in the public bathroom, I finally got shituated on the toilet.
by TheFiend138 September 1, 2014
The circumstance that arises when a baby's poop is so explosive that it transcends the bonds of the diaper. May be exacerbated by the flailing tyke's tendency to "spread the news" with involuntary arm and leg motion. Usually demands the attention of multiple adults.
Some shituations can only be properly addressed with a garden hose.
by Kurt Merkle April 28, 2006
n. when u have a overwhelming feeling of poo, turtle head, or diarrhea and have no way of relieving per-say in car, boat or concert
When i wake up in the morning, Freck's doggie always has a shituation. His eyes bulge out of his head until he finds his proper bush to shit on.
by maskerbator October 4, 2011