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literally a person is a dickhead and a shithead at the same time.
Generally this person also tends to have a short fuse and the inability to speak normally
PERSON 1: *drawing on board* "hey, look at my drawings of the pickleboys!"
PERSON 2: *shakes head in shame* *erases board*
PERSON 1: *freaks out and murders PERSON 2*
PERSON 3: "whoa, what a schmuckturd"
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by PieCrustEater January 26, 2019

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a slang term applied to an informal group of Jewish adults who congregate during the Sabbath prayer services to make kiddush over wine or liquor, and socialize. Traditionally it has been a male-bonding experience.
JEW 1: "ready for Kiddush Club?"
JEW 2: "Yaakoff, get the Henny, yeshiva, reveal your garments at once!"
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by PieCrustEater May 15, 2020

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Sir Bingooch is the world's best goochmacher, he is the founder and CEO of Bingoochenmacher & CO.
Girl: Which goochmacher should I go to, to get the highest quality gooch?
other girl: Sir Bingooch has the best gooch in all the land
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by PieCrustEater May 17, 2020

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the religious ritual of the circumcision of a newborn boy on the 8th day of his life
it's time for yaakoffs bris!
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by PieCrustEater May 17, 2020

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company founded by sir bingooch the goochmacher.

specializes in the machering (selling) of world class gooch.
Ranked #1 in the world for highest quality gooch
anybody who wants to buy some good gooch should go to Bingoochenmacher & CO.
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by PieCrustEater May 17, 2020

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short for lasagna
not to be confused with "Suh"

source; James franco
Lasagna, luh-ZA-ña, ZA-ña, "ZA"
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by PieCrustEater July 14, 2020

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pronounced <Makher>

lit. a person who makes stuff
general application. a person who creates the highest class of items
Bingooch is a macher of gooch
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by PieCrustEater May 31, 2020

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