the act of having to take a shit really badly, but there happen to be no bathrooms anywhere near you.
In the car yesterday, on our road trip I had a real shituation, there were no bathrooms for miles!
by diarrheaKing206 January 09, 2011
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a shitty situation, the word is meant to remove bad, terrible and awful as adjectives to the word situation
man im in another shituation, my gf just caught me cheating!
by yasibasi April 18, 2011
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A really bad situation in which you shit yourself. Usually in public and in front of at least a few people. Not to be confused with a shart, by which only you might know a shit has occurred. When a Shituation occurs , everyone is aware of what when down.
"The French speedwalker had a nasty Shituation go down at the Rio Olympics. " or " I ended up in a Shituation trying to get to the bathroom at work ."
by FlippDogg August 20, 2016
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A situation in which one's time to reach a proper bathroom will exceed the amount of time before an involuntary bowl movement will occur.
After eating some street food in Mexico, I had a shituation and needed to buy new pants.
by Magatron February 06, 2013
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