An unfortunate situation somehow involving shit.
"Honey, come quick. I'm having a shituation!!!!!
by Rorybutt November 18, 2016
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A Situation That Was Fucked From The Beginning As In You Never Really Had A Chance
Karen Told Rob She Had An STD Before They Had Sex It Was A Shituation From The Get Go
by Siikwithasmile September 14, 2010
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Andy: "Gary my lad, what's the matter?"
Gary: "I got into a right shituation with the wife earlier."
Andy: "What happened?"
Gary: "I've been hitting up another woman at home behind her back, she found the text messages on my phone. I'm scared she'll leave me and take my custody of our son."
by Broughton March 13, 2014
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this situation I'm dealing with, oh man is it shitty

therefore, "shituation"
by PieCrustEater August 21, 2020
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-Did you see what happened to Jen? Her boyfriend was caught using her underwears
- What a shituation!
by Wally_Gator July 9, 2021
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