A compromising set of circumstances that, whilst appearing to have one or more possible solutions, will develop, proceed and culminate in a way that can only be described as shitty.
"We never see him any more though, it just seems a bit disrespectful."
"Yeah I know what you're saying mate, but he's had to marry that bird Stacey hasn't he. Seriously, knocking her up has put him in a real shituation."

"It's two in the morning man, what the fuck? I have to fucking get back to Eltham, kicking me off for being 15p short is bollocks mate. Fucking shituation you've put me in."
by jayksroom March 07, 2015
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Brandon: I was caught smokin' weed in the bathroom. I think I'm going to be expelled.
John: That's a real shituation you're in dude.
by Dosaaaa January 08, 2016
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crappy circumstances
A: "I had the turbo squirts and found out, afterward, that the toilet paper was out."

B: "That, sir, is a shituation."

A: "While I was jerkin' it, my little sister's friends were TP'ing my house. Yes, they saw me through the window."

B: "That, son, is a shituation."
by Captain Milligan November 29, 2010
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(noun) a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs, that have gone to shit.
After hooking up with his female friend once, and being denied a second time, Jake found himself in a shituation.
by thunderbearhawk November 08, 2011
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A poop that comes on so quickly you aren't sure you'll make it to the can.
Man, I was stuck in traffic this morning and almost had a real shituation.
by grinner71 September 15, 2011
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1.) A situation that can best be described as shitty
2.) A situation marked by disorganization and confusion
3.) A situation caused by an epic fail
Girl 1: I think he gave me VD.
Girl 2: Damn, what a shitsuation

Guy 1: Dude, why is there no beer at your party!
Guy 2: You were supposed to bring it
Guy 1: I thought you were bringing the booze.
Guy 2: This is a real shituation
by JRH2286 July 30, 2009
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