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Extremely heavy rocks of shit that plunge out of your ass at high speeds, sending waves upon waves of toilet water splashing up against your asshole.
Fuck dude, I haven't shit in 6 days I'm going to have some serious shitrocks.
by Deadbreed January 19, 2011
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a tiny piece of shit left in the toilet that wasn't flushed with the rest, usually an unpleasant surprise.
Bob: Hey Dan, you left a shit rock in the toilet again.
by sweet macadamia January 08, 2012
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Style of music totally lacking in originality that claims to be rock and roll, but has nothing in common with the soulful three chord progression based music that rock was derived from, played by over privileged upper middle class whiners who are probably blowing some record exec.
Just turn on your Radio or MTV to hear all the shitrock you can stand.
by ButterbeanLovesBeer September 15, 2007
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A small peice of dried shit, typicaly found behind the litter box or a large peice of furniture.
I was moveing the couch and I found some shit rocks from the damn cat.
by Shane C C Parker August 12, 2007
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