A shortening of the phrase He/She got His/Her shit rocked. Meaning to get hit amazingly hard, or to be beaten bad in a sport or fight.
Did you see that kid get hit? He got shitrocked!
by Romanick October 2, 2007
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Extremely heavy rocks of shit that plunge out of your ass at high speeds, sending waves upon waves of toilet water splashing up against your asshole.
Fuck dude, I haven't shit in 6 days I'm going to have some serious shitrocks.
by Deadbreed January 19, 2011
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Style of music totally lacking in originality that claims to be rock and roll, but has nothing in common with the soulful three chord progression based music that rock was derived from, played by over privileged upper middle class whiners who are probably blowing some record exec.
Just turn on your Radio or MTV to hear all the shitrock you can stand.
by ButterbeanLovesBeer September 15, 2007
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Common name for pets that you don’t know what to name them. Universal nickname.
What will you name him? I don’t fucking know. Shitrock? Come here lil Shitrock.
by H-usky September 29, 2020
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Derogatory term for the building material Sheetrock, which makes a building look absolutely SHITTY.
The contractor used shitrock for the walls.
by Khadafi December 28, 2006
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Being completely and utterly defeated; destroyed.
"I turned the corner and got shitrocked by a level 70 battle mage!"
by GRIFTY Rodriguez November 27, 2011
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Any public place that is frequently littered with excrement. Especially one where you know at one point or another your body left you with no choice but to make your own contribution. Such areas tend to be where you find yourself accidentally stepping in something or feeling disgusted every time you remember the time you did.
Beware of Walker Street. It’s a shitrock monument of epic proportions.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 7, 2010
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