The term children of Jesus use to replace the word shit.
by Lukology March 20, 2018
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Shite a irish word of saying poo
Those hamel ones smells like dey was swimming in the sewer because theres a bad smell of shite of dem
by Thedefontionistrue January 1, 2016
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A word that the Scottish use instead of “shit” or “crap”, simple.
“Ah get over ya shite, Holly ya 57 love, you ain’t working anytime soon.”
by sulqur March 17, 2018
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A load of nonsense talk, or an amount of excrement, or rarely an adjective meaning that somehting is completely rubbish. In Britain, the form ‘shite’ is confined to the North of England, possibly used in Scotland too. ‘Haddaway and shite’ is a famous Newcastle-upon-Tyne area (Geordie, North East of England) dialect saying. You'll have to ask a native speaker exactly what this fine phrase means.
She was talking complete and utter shite again. No change there.

That holiday was completely shite, serves him right for being such a cheap twat. Cheap holidays and brides, both bad news, never ‘good value’.

He fell down a hole into a sewer or septic tank and came out all covered in shite.

Haddaway and shite! Typical Geordie instruction.
by Webrumāros March 19, 2018
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A misspelling of the word "shit" inorder to ensure the pronunciation is not the tradition "shit". A poor attempt at a British, Irish, Scotish or Welsh accent. Should not be used by anyone without the excuse of the corresponding accents.
"Shite! That asshole just cut me off!"
by Sopheap January 26, 2005
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