1. A more eloquent or refined way of saying "shit".
2. Sometimes a stronger or more emphasized way of saying "shit": "really shit".

To understand the slightly paradoxical difference note that the word "shite" is usually said in a grimmer and lower tone than the word "shit", which is sharper to say. You can really tear into the word "shite" when you're using it as an insult as in the second example, the word "shit" ends more suddenly. However generally "shite" is not as offensive to say as "shit".
1. "how well did John play...?" "he was shite..."

2. "So how did the training go?" "It was shite!"
by Mr. Zed September 11, 2006
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1) To excrement
2) An opinion
3) An item
4) Offensive term
5) Trouble of difficulty
6) Worthless amount
7) To become infuriated
8) Description of speech
1) I'm going for a shite
2) Thoes tits look shite
3) You're not bringing that shite in here
4) You look like shite
5) Shite, I can't get it up..
6) You know shite
7) Shite, i've cum..
8) You're talking shite
by Agent-VIP July 27, 2006
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when you're around little kids or your grandma and start to say shit but you need to stop yourself
*stubs toe* "Oh, shi-...shi...SHITE"
by td14 February 16, 2018
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a wat of saying shit and it is NOT british like the first person said. its very irish.
retard:shite is how you say shit in britian.
irish guy: THATS SHITE!!! its an irish word, ye ninny!
by Kennedi Greene September 27, 2007
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A boggers way of saying shit. Used widely in Ireland
the hurling was shite today
by evie February 3, 2003
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1.Utterly fucked, completely buggered, totally cunted. Gone arse over tit.

2.Rosy-cheeked, marinated, pissed as an Irishman.
"Argh argh argh, oh christ, me leg's shited, which fucking comedian put a beartrap in the middle of the High Street?"

"The West Coast trains have been shited at the weekend for months because those Glasgwegian bawbags cannot do an honest day's work, not even if you bribe them with smack."

"My plans to go for a night out and get utterly shited where scotched when I realised I lived in a bleak urban wasteland."
by Oft Disgruntled March 2, 2006
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