A bri’ish “person”’s inferior version of shit.
Oi bruv I had one ‘oo many bo’ohs o’ wa’ah, I migh’ shite meself!
by Amogusissusfromamogus42 June 10, 2022
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The past participle of shit; as shit refers to Crystal Methamphetamine.
That shite was bunk!
by Lanober June 20, 2010
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a very british and therefore great way of saying shit. shite sounds much more effective than shit
'karen looks like five kinds of shite today'
by britbabe August 19, 2004
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An apt descriptive term for Liverpool FC and their "supporters" from various scandinavian countries. See Red Shite and scum
"We could stop global warming by banning The Shite fans from flying to home games"

"I see The Shite are whinging again cos they failed to win the league despite spending loads of money. Again."
by NewtronBomb September 18, 2008
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The act of droping a shit

pushing a load, growing a tail, taking the browns to the superbowl, droping the cosby kids off at the pool, droping a deuce
I was in the act of shiting when the phone rang.
by DpPg September 30, 2008
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The Irish/Scottish/ equivalent of the word shit.
shite. shite. shite. shite. shitey. shite. shite.
by shiteymcshiteshite November 12, 2006
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