One of the two main branches of Islam, the other being Sunni. The majority of people in Iraq and Iran are Shite muslims, but the Shite muslims are vastly out-numbered in the world by the Sunni. The Sunni believe Mohammad should have picked his own successor, the Shite believe it should have been Ali, the nephew of Mohammad, so they have been killing each other for about 700 years now over this.
The Shites, once an oppressed minority in Iraq, now control the government, and have increased the influence of the Iranian Shites in the Middle-East.
by nicodagger March 2, 2009
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"The train does not come for another 45 minutes".

"Well that's shite".
by Urban Exec July 15, 2016
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Oh, I do say, that was a lovely shite! I'm off to make some tea.
by N. Gin August 24, 2010
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shite is a word coined and popularized by Irish youtuber Jacksepticeye aka spedicyman
for example:aww shite or it smells like shite
by AL"SCARFACE"CAPONE August 7, 2019
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