When someone is doing absolutely nothing with their life, and they aren't going to try to better themselves.
High School has been over for five years now; it looks like alot of people are absolutely shit where
by GWARFUYO March 18, 2010
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When you stop talking, dating or fucking someone that works where you shop. This causes the store to be off limits because you were such a loveable asshole. Re-entering the shat in shopping atmosphere can be sexually or physically dangerous when risking stop and chats and so forth.
I Shawn Dolina have three stores left that are safe to use do to "shitting where you shop". Since I feel no guilt I won't learn my lesson till I starve to death.
by A.Dolina.Always.Wins August 15, 2011
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A common phrase that has been expanded to refer to humankind who continues to destroy the earth, thereby figuratively shitting on where we eat and live.
We need to awaken ourselves to the individual consequences of our daily actions and stop ourselves from making the easy choices; let’s stop shitting where we eat!
by Dr Bunnygirl October 21, 2019
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Dating someone in your profession. You only do 2 basic things - eat and shit. Shitting's done in the bathroom. If you're eating in the bathroom too, then you'll never leave, just like if you're dating someone in your profession, you'll never escape your job.
Dental Student #1: It's official: I'm dating that girl in our class.
Dental Student #2: Ah man, you're shitting where you're eating. Get out while you can.
by mintglow October 5, 2006
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Do not cause trouble in a place where you must be on a regular basis. Often used with workplace romances but can also apply to relationships with students at your school or starting shit in general.
Kyle tried to ask Jennifer out. I told him don't shit where you eat.
by A1988 February 16, 2020
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This term is used to explain the reasons NOT to date a co-worker.

The translation is essentially saying that you are not willing to mess up (shit) where you are making a living for your bread and butter (eats).
Even though I would love to go out with you, Simone, I don't shit where I eat.
by Haleys Comments June 2, 2006
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This phrase means "do not have romantic relationships with any co-workers." Basically, you don't want to make yourself uncomfortable (by potentially having a romantic relationship get ugly, or "shitting") at the place where you work ("where you eat").
Dude #1: "damn a really hot blonde just started working at my company. i'm gonna ask her out"
Dude #2: "dude, haven't you heard the saying: Don't shit where you eat?"
by whodey June 16, 2004
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