Do not cause trouble in a place where you must be on a regular basis. Often used with workplace romances but can also apply to relationships with students at your school or starting shit in general.
Kyle tried to ask Jennifer out. I told him don't shit where you eat.
by A1988 February 16, 2020
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This expression refers to doing anything that would jeopardize something important or essential to you. A common example of shitting where one eats is engaging in a romantic affair with a co-worker, but lying to your roommate or stealing from friends also fits this expression.
Local Bike Shop Mechanic #1: "Can you believe that guy? I've hooked him up dozens of times, but after the tantrum he just threw, I'll never take a dime off a part for him again."

LBS Mechanic #2: "Seriously. Hasn't he ever heard? Don't shit where you eat."
by Tom Cerveaux February 8, 2010
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Don't behave in a way, or make choices, that will ruin something you depend on.
Captalist: Let's just dispose of this toxic waste in the nearby river where people fish.

Sane person: Say what ? That's suicide. Don't shit where you eat, my friend.
by Wyrd Sister March 9, 2017
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This phrase means "do not have romantic relationships with any co-workers." Basically, you don't want to make yourself uncomfortable (by potentially having a romantic relationship get ugly, or "shitting") at the place where you work ("where you eat").
Dude #1: "damn a really hot blonde just started working at my company. i'm gonna ask her out"
Dude #2: "dude, haven't you heard the saying: Don't shit where you eat?"
by whodey June 16, 2004
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do not scew up or screw someone from where you work and or play.
Joe is screwing sally from work and she is busting his balls all the time while working, just riding his ass all the time. Well, he should know that you "don't shit where you eat"
by oldcoprs1 November 4, 2010
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An ancient ecological principle which is to be taken literally. Applies especially to heavy industrial chemical pollution, which when allowed to be generated and dumped freely into a closed ecosystemThe Earth due to laissez-faire environmental regulation and corporate neglect, generally results in deleterious effects to all organisms and human health.

Most Infamous example of corporate maleficence was the Bhopal Chemical Disaster.

Effects including but not limited to: Infertility, unplanned gender disruption, cancer, death, mental disability.
We've got Intersex Bass! Google it! We're next!

What do we do about it?

Don't Shit Where You Eat!
by gearhead78 July 7, 2017
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Do not cheat on bae with bae's friend and then be mean to those who saw.
Dickson hooked up with Sarah in front of a room of people and Mel, yet is still mean to her who could text Leigha in .5 seconds and let her know. Don't shit where you eat.
by mluque March 22, 2016
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