The first one ever done by CodComedyTJ it is when you jack off while taking a shit
TJ- I'm having a shit wank
Any normal person- EW WHAT THE FUCK!
by PoopieMcPooperTon February 16, 2021
Wanking whilst sitting down and having a shit, as it makes the shitting far more enjoyable, and also much, much easier

Damn, I had a really good shit wank today....

Oh, that shit wanking makes shitting so much nicer and easier

I was turtling, and at the same time feeling really horny, so I sat down and had a good shit wank...
by Bibbo November 16, 2006
Using your shit as a lube when you wank. Also known as defecation-masturbation.
There's nothing better than a shit wank, except maybe a banana wank.
by David is a gay January 23, 2007
A wank that is so bloody rubbish it could be described as being shit. A Shit Wank.
Having completed the first 100 lap endurance race of many on Gran Turismo, I thought I'd reward myself with a nice bit of self-pleasure. I wish I hadn't bothered though. It was a shit wank.
by Silas T. Oysterburger September 25, 2008
A form of wanking in which 2 lovers use each other's shit in each of their holes to gain orgasmic pleasure.
Girl i wanna have a shit wank with you
by guy May 4, 2004
A total and complete dickoff in wich no one likes.
holy shit, jerrys such a wannbe ganster, I HATE THAT SHIT WANK!
by mama lover April 14, 2005
Being absolutely naked when doing/performing a Shit Wank. If you are naked, it enables you to spread your knees further apart, so making the Shit Wank far easier, and much, much, more enjoyable, i.e. you aren't constrained by clothes...
Damn, I had an absolutely brilliant Naked Shit Wank today....

I stripped off naked earlier today, sat myself down, and had one hell of a Naked Shit Wank today....
by Bibbo November 17, 2006