4 definitions by PoopieMcPooperTon

1 (noun) Instead of saying "gayness" or "gay shit" you say Faggotry
2 (verb) comiting an act of Faggotry would be something such as a man flirting with another man
Also see miss me with that gay shit
Jacob stop flirting with me! I don't want any of your Faggotry
by PoopieMcPooperTon February 4, 2020
1. (verb) When two people are having sex in a car and one opens the window
2. When you fart and a car and open the window
A term coined by Cleveland Brown from Family Guy
Prostitute: Oh yeah baby I'm so wet!
Man: Hold on sweetie I'm letting the stank out.
by PoopieMcPooperTon February 3, 2020
The first one ever done by CodComedyTJ it is when you jack off while taking a shit
TJ- I'm having a shit wank
Any normal person- EW WHAT THE FUCK!
by PoopieMcPooperTon February 16, 2021
Someone who is willing to have intercourse with an animal or is simply attracted towards animals
Josh: Dude, did you hear about john?
Bill: Yeah I did. I hear he fucked a cow. What an animal pirate.
by PoopieMcPooperTon February 6, 2020