when yu finna nut but its so good that yu shit yurself
oh yea na it’s just a casual wank shit Sunday.
by daddy’s rookie April 18, 2018
the act of fucking a woman who is considered dumb i.e blonde then fucking her up the ass then wanking on her shit hole
This act is fucking sick and should not be tried at home as it will result in the police being called.
Please delete if you want, but it's gotta be said, right?
by Corpse July 25, 2004
Shit Wank is an Australian record label who specialize in esoteric music genres, including speedcore, terrorcore, chiptune, shitcore, noise, horrorcore, and breakcore. They are more predominately known for making harsh music with highly suggestive and nsfw album art and extremely innapropriate and vulgar lyrics, resulting in an 18+ only website fo their label.

Some of the artist on this label include Passenger of Shit (who is the founder of ShitWank), Shitting Whore, Dj California Crisis, Ethereal Girl, Hitler Buttsecks, and Suicide Rap Orgy.
Have you listened to the new albums released by Shit Wank?

No, I dont listen to them. I'd prefer to keep my ear drums
by EdgyDabs420 January 3, 2018