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Usually an unexpected precursor signal from your stomach to your sphincter informing your hole that you are about to release a Hendren ( A giant turd )
Tony suddenly doubled over in discomfort while sitting in the back seat. He was suffering from Shit Pains and needed to drop loaf ASAP.
by will bitten March 06, 2017
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When you get sharp pains in your intestine. You know it's not period pain because you're not female.... 10mins later you have a Class 10 shit sub to dispose of.... "SHIT PAIN"
Rob - "Don't talk to me, I've got Shit Pain today."
Carey - "Is that like period pain?"
Rob - "SHUT UP"
by RawtenDeek October 25, 2011
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The crappy feeling in your stomach when taking a dump, almost like your stomach is collapsing in.
Jack's got the shit pains! I can hear him moaning in the bathroom!
by UncleNick February 14, 2012
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