85 definitions by will bitten

When shit does not work out as planned so you go with the flow after getting pissed up at the bar.
Slobodan waited for the call to go to the club later. His Drunk Plans changed after his homies said fuck Hamilton we going to Toronto!!
by will bitten August 20, 2017
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When you fuck a woman on Red Bull like a jack rabbit
Dude took Rosa to the bedroom and went 1000 RPM on her Pussy!!
by will bitten August 20, 2017
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A chick that can pound down or shotgun a beer faster than any guy could imagine.
Rachel had 3 Tall Boys down her throat before Dean cracked open his first. She was a fuckin' GuzzlIna!!!
by will bitten March 23, 2017
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A term describing a set of breasts that curve upward from the bottom resembling a pair of Elf Boots.
The lady working in women's apparel had no bra section for ladies with Elf Boot Titties.
by will bitten December 19, 2016
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Usually an unexpected precursor signal from your stomach to your sphincter informing your hole that you are about to release a Hendren ( A giant turd )
Tony suddenly doubled over in discomfort while sitting in the back seat. He was suffering from Shit Pains and needed to drop loaf ASAP.
by will bitten March 7, 2017
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When a girl is on a couch and contorts her body in order give a guy a blowjob while he his laying flat on the couch in a straight line.
Buster was laying straight on the couch with his feet on the table. Sofia was in no position to give him a hummer at her current angle. She had to match his Penile straight line by getting Slurpindickular.
by will bitten October 4, 2018
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One whose job it is to squeegee the cum streaks off the glass at a peepshow.
Glenn's job as a summer student was being a Jizz Wiper for $7.50 an hour.
by will bitten October 9, 2016
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