86 definitions by will bitten

When a woman's greyish/silver hair is showing when her blonde dye job is fading.
Marsha needs to pick up some Nice and Easy touch up to cover her Antique Blonde colour.
by will bitten September 12, 2017
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A woman so jacked up on Botox that it is nearly impossible to guess her real age.
The Carny was off by 20 years trying to guess how old the Ageless Beauty was. He had to cough up the giant stuffed animal!
by will bitten October 02, 2016
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A term someone would say to lose weight without putting in the effort of exercising.
"Fuck my highschool reunion is coming up in 2 months. I should hit the treadmill but I don't like sweating. I wish I had a little AIDS"
by will bitten September 14, 2017
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When ISIS is talking shit with their propaganda.
The only way to rid the world of
Allahtosis is to gargle on hot death
by will bitten January 05, 2017
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A term used when someone's rancid fart smells like a small animal died in their ass.
Stan dropped a massive fart that choked everyone out in the car. Dude it's time to Change the Gerbil!
by will bitten September 12, 2017
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A term to describe the sycophant of the office who has the distinct ability to blend in with management by bag licking .
Charles didn't care whose dick it was in upper management that he was sucking to get promoted because he was a Cock Chameleon and can adapt to any situation.
by will bitten December 19, 2016
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That one person who has to correct everybody on their grammar, spelling, pronunciation of words or any trivial fact that may be off by 1%. We all know and have this person in our lives.
As Jerry was telling us about tomorrow's weather forecast, the Corrector said it called for rain 25% not 20% as Jerry stated earlier.
by will bitten November 30, 2017
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