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a word that can solve any dead silence. Most commonly known as a type of food on a stick
girl: Shishkabob!
by Hillary Kelso April 21, 2007
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n. a sexual position achieved by inserting the penis in ones anal area, and another male inserting the penis in ones oral area, and thrusting back and forth from the pelvis.
I saw some new meat at school today, so me and a bud thought we'd make a shishkabob.
by MC Derf July 29, 2006
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When one's penis is inserted into a woman too deeply.
Marie: John's dick was so huge last night. I'm so sore.
Joan: Oh man that sucks. Did John shishkabob you?
Marie: Yeah I felt like I was on top of a skewer the whole time.
by Senora Varges February 16, 2009
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Only the best food in the world, you will fall in love and get married to it
girl- Omg i must marry this shish kabob
by valeuchick June 13, 2008
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A drinking custom where two people take a shot of vodka, snort a line of NO-XPLODE, smash heads on the table and high five in that order.
1-"Bro I'm trying to get messed up tonight"
2-"Let's do some shishkabobs"
1-I don't know man that shit is pretty rough, terrible hangover.
by shish k Bob February 14, 2012
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A sexual procedure in which a person inserts their penis into a chick's badonkadonk and pushes it all the way through so that it comes out her mouth. It is possible to also then shishkabob another chick, and another, and another all at once.

Yes, this does actually work.
Yo, I shishkabob'd three chicks last night at once!
Awesome, my record is four at once.

Tonight I'm gonna shishkabob Tark and AG at the same time. It's gonna be awesome.

Hey man, I can shishkabob so many chicks I'm a 1-man-orgy.
by punani patrol April 08, 2005
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