an insult, originating from the butcher shops of australia. usually said to the apprentice followed by a blank stare and "huh?", to which the butcher replies,"ya, couldnt be that stupid playin' with one!" also common on archery ranges.
Butcher: Mate, you must have two dicks!
Butcher: Ya couldn't be that stupid playin' with one!
by splinter barberino January 9, 2006
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Two Dicks is the term that is mostly used by Blueface, the meaning of this phrase is that you have 1 dick and 1 strap (glock, pistol, sidearm) in your pants.
Blueface: Blueface baby, yeah aight, Two dicks, big pisser and the Glicko
Nobody: that is actually fire
by Invalid Silver April 15, 2019
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A mouth that can comfortable hold two dicks. Also called a 'TDM.'
Dude1: "Carly Simon has a TDM."

Dude2: "A what?"

Dude1: "A TDM - you know,a Two Dick Mouth."

Dude2: "Oh yeah, totally. I wonder if James Taylor ever tested it with a buddy."
by Coosey Junt December 13, 2013
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Bill:- Why do you look like a dog with two dicks?
Ted:- I butt fucked both your twin sisters last night
by Mary Hinge September 10, 2003
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When you're to busy
Sorry Susan I cant hang out this weekend I'm two dicks deep in homework
by Rinucard April 10, 2019
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The non gay act of two males reuniting & expressing their happiness with the sexual 69 position.
My best friend came into town & after a long wait to see each other, we had a epic two dick 69.
by Jabraunski July 23, 2021
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A phrase used when a great sence of self achievment has been reached, or one is seriousley happy.
Thats's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. I tell you, I'm as happy as a dog with two dicks me.
Neil Armstrong, 21st July 1969
by Jacob Davey December 2, 2005
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