Type of gods name. Shiv: king of all gods

Shiv: always happy ,very powerful , nice ,kind , easy to talk to, has a lot of power , always there if you need help , good looking and respectful
Shiv is the most powerful name
by I'm.everyone's. king August 22, 2018
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A portmanteau of "make shift" and "knife" (or "knives"), used to describe a homemade weapon made up of objects one would find in a prison that is not metallic.
Hey, grab your shiv and lets shank his ass.
by CaPsi December 06, 2007
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a home-made weapon used for CUTTING, not stabbing. a sharpened tooth-brush is not a shiv, that is a shank, which is used for stabbing.
guy 1:"i got cornered on my last day in prison, i was lucky i had my shiv!"
guy 2:"oh sweet! im going to jail soon, how do you make one?"
guy 1:"take a razor blade and a lighter in with you, then melt the blade to your toothbrush."
by cutter-of-stuff December 30, 2010
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1. knife or blade(noun)

2. stab(verb)

shiv or chiv is English 20th century slang, prob from earlier Thieves' slang "chive" meaning knife, derived from Romany.
He's got a shiv=he's shivved up
she shivved him= she stabbed him
by guttapercha January 21, 2011
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to thrust towards someone or somthing with a blunt, rusty, serrated knife.
by perry March 06, 2006
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another way of saying 'shit' in a more pleasant and more polite manner. also another word t9 will spell when typing in shit.
"shiv chubi, you hella scared me."
by Taylor Kayfes June 13, 2008
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According to the power that is the T9 mobile phone dictionary, the definition of shiv must be, "Of less than acceptable quality"
That car is a pile of shiv
by moleymole September 06, 2006
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