A man that usually has sex with 2 to 3 girls at once.
Look at that shimi, he's fucking three Girls at once!
by Gs421 June 15, 2014
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The epitome of retard, one who truly needs to be put down.

Can often be associated with mentally disabled donkeys.
"Dude that guy got a 20% on the test, what a shimi."
by smokey robinson January 06, 2015
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Shimi is typically a self-derived bitch who cares less about the people around her than herself. She gets a lot of men because of her appearance but none take the time to learn her personality.
Ugh, she is such a shimi. She gets so much attention for doing nothing at all.
by Ashwaka December 19, 2018
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A girl who's a hoe/slut/slide all rolled into one. A bottom-less pit.
"That bitch Jessica is the only shimy, she'll let any dude run up in her"
by ››secret+SKILLZ May 05, 2006
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A baby alligator that eats orange jelly beans on tuesdays
I just saw a shimy on tuesday that was eating orange jelly beans.
by boy_scoutiehi2u March 30, 2003
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someone who manages to sit 2 years of a course over the period of 4 years
Dude you better pass these resits, you don't wanna be a Shimi !
by Dr.A.Villa June 17, 2008
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