A word used by people from (13 to 19).
Issa way to say shit w/o saying shit.
Asia: Boy when you comin ova tuh gimme dat dick

Doreon: Shidd...im otw
by Jazzzyyy..Wazzyyyy September 28, 2019
used by over weight people as a way to say they don't wanna do jack shit.
Ethan: Hey Matt wanna come to the BBQ today?
Matt: Nah I Got Shidd to do
by Fatty P September 14, 2019
Maria: Are you going to jakes house to clean?
Jeff: Shidd I’m tired
by Naeexbabyy June 30, 2018
Used when one wants to say "Shit" incorrectly. solid version of "Fardd."
me: "i took a massive shidd and fardd in the bathroom!"
her: "ive been dead for 3 years now gary, its time to move on"
me: *crying* "i wish i could shidd with you just one more time barbra... *sob*
by SaintJerryTheGoatFucker November 24, 2020
shit but more intense
"Oh shidd vro he fucking one-pumped me."
by hefhef February 9, 2019
When you slit open the throat of someone and shit inside of it and then close it surgically.
When I woke up after taking the shot, I was missing a kidney and I had shidd lungs... kids these days I tell you.
by Ostrava January 17, 2021