Short for "It's A." It was commonly used as slang before the famous 21 Savage interview where he mentioned his knife tattoo.
Int: What does the cross on your forehead signify?
21 Savage: Issa knife.
by issawife November 29, 2016
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Popularized by rapper 21 Savage, "issa" is a conjunction of the words "it's" and "a" (pronounced "ah"). Popularly used in 21 Savage internet memes.
DJ Vlad: What does the cross on your forehead signify?
21 Savage: Issa knife.
by Yen And Zen December 19, 2016
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She is an adorable, emotional, sweet, extremely loyal, passionate, loving, crazy , down to earth type of girl. She can be hella quiet at first but has a beautiful personality. She's very empathetic and can be guarded about who she allows to get close to her. She tends to be very forgiving but won't ever forget. All she really wants is respect and loyalty. She just needs someone to take the time, learn to love, and build with her. Someone who understands her feelings and deals with her emotions. Sometimes she can be moody and cold and likes being alone but if you genuinely get to know her she'll make you laugh and smile and that's when you really get to see her goofy side. She's very picky about the guys she chooses to date so if you ever get to date an Issa don't treat her like shit. Don't forget that she's an unbothered bad bitch that craves hella attention and care. So treat her right!
Ayo what's your homegirls name? She kinda cute!
Oh word, that's Issa. Why wassup?
Damn bro im trynna get at her!!
I mean you can try but she way too fine for your ass.
by Kya Dewindt May 14, 2022
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slang term highly popularized by rapper, 21 savage. While describing his forehead tattoo in an interview 21 used "Issa" to say "it's a". 21 has lived a rough life through gangs and danger. He has witnessed his best friends death and has been stabbed. This is what provoked his decision to get a tattoo of a knife on his foreheads. Fans thought the tattoo was a cross but weren't sure so it stroked media. 21 was then asked what the tattoo was and simply said, "Issa knife." After this going public meme pages made fun of 21 and showed no mercy. 21 has lived most of his career getting made fun of because of his past, getting made fun of was no big deal. 21 savage remained insulted because the tattoo had a deep meaning to him and fans made fun of it. He then went to create an album named "Issa" and made light of the situation. The album Issa is the rappers most successful album to date. Let's just say 21 won with "Issa".
"How is your day?"
"Issa good day"
by spikefire August 3, 2017
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The greatest guy on earth, a hottie and a true gentleman. He looks good in everything he wears. He's can put a smile on my face no matter what, he made me the happiest person on earth by just being by my side. He would take a bullet for me, beat up the whole world just to win me. He's someone I can trust with everything I've got even my soul. Someone who misses me even when when we're together. He's without a doubt my true love <3
I am madly in love with issa
by Superiorintellect April 20, 2018
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Issa is a handsome, cute, funny and a GOLD hearted person he has so much love and support for all his friends and family if you have a “Issa” In your life you are really lucky! He always gets the girls, he is really loyal and has this type of humour that you need in your life. He is just perfect, he can get emotional easily but won’t show it unless he needs to let it out! Issa is the type of person you can joke around with, trust and have madly good conversations with, he can just brighten up your day in 2 seconds!
by Semestira June 6, 2019
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