A set rhetorical form of great antiquity in which the speaker or writer deplores the unusual and previously unheard-of deficiencies of the present young in morals, manners, taste, dress, intellectual achievement, awareness, energy, self-discipline, appearance, etc. etc. etc. Often applied ironically. Sometimes expanded to 'people these days'.
'I see where Will has another "kids these days" column out. He never seems to tire of telling us how we're going to the dogs.'
by anarcissie October 29, 2011
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to disapprove of somethin, when someone does somethin retarted or dumb
god! whats with kids these days?
by geoff March 09, 2003
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Phrase uttered by parents and some teenagers who grew up in the late 80s-early 90s when a Spoiled Brat starts to do what he or she does best.
Spoiled Brat- I don't wanna go home! I want to go to Burger King! *proceeds to throw a huge tantrum*
Brat's Mom- Now, sweetie, you know we can't go to Burger King; we're on a budget....
Spoiled Brat- SHUT UP!!!!!!!! I WANT BURGER KING!!!!! *continues to whine and cry and kicks down a display* GIMME BURGER KING!!!!!!
Me- Kids these days....what little brats.
by Shawn B. May 31, 2003
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A phrase defining the kids nowadays. It's a way far from youths before. So it's preferring the teenagers today thats acting bustard and douchebags.
Guy1: Dude, look at them! They're so wtf! They're screaming like a flip.
Guy2: Yea dude. I know. Well, kids these days.
by Freakingsandee November 10, 2010
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October the 11th, kick the kid you hate the most
yes you can kick your little sibling.
kid: *says cringe joke*
you: *kicks kid*
you: its national kid kicking day
kid: ohhh
by u rlly hate that child dont u? October 07, 2021
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September 10th 2021 is the day the 21 kid is warning us about. We don't know what will happen, but be ready.
Person 1: "you stupid"
Person 2: "No I am not"
Person 1 "What's 9+10"
Person 2: "21 Kid Day"
by CreativeName5 January 02, 2021
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