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As many more (times, items, etc.) as it takes me to achieve a satisfactory result. This phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times.
(guys playing the Helicopter game)
A: Come on, it's my turn!
B: Just one more time...
(game over)
B: Wait, just one more time...

(eating cookies)
Hungry guy: Just one more!
(cookie eaten)
Hungry guy: ok, one more!
by Politizer August 22, 2008
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A term used by your good mate when the arsehole drags you to the pub to be deso driver. But the fuckwit has no intention of just having "one more" beer, he plans to play you like a dog while he gets wasted and you have to stay there completely sober and deal with drunk people shit.
Mitch "let's go Albert I'm tired"
Albert "Just one more drink with the boys!"
Mitch "Really? Then we can go!"
Albert "Yeah just one more....."

*then Albert dogs ya and continues to drink until after midnight
by Bilbo baggins the third August 06, 2019
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15 more times
Jackass: Let me try just one more time!

15 tries later...
Jackass: Awe come on man, just one more time!
by ZeHonored June 02, 2015
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A problem substance abusers face when deciding how much of a substance to partake in.
Just one more rip.

Just one more bump.

Just one more line.

Just one more pill.

Just one more drink.

Just one more shot.

by DigitalDrip May 24, 2010
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