A Kenyan urban language constantly developing out of a mix of English, kiswahili and mother toung; it is common amongst the youth and is currently the most dynamic language in the world.
Ngoso - a sheng word for English

Kamu - sheng word for come developed out of the sound come
by K sabs August 30, 2009
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Short for shengas. Usually relates to something that you don't particularly like or agree with.
"That tastes sheng.." or "Peter's got drunk again-absolute sheng!"
by Sheng de la sheng July 10, 2017
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1. Sex God: One who excels in sexiness.
Woman: Damn that Sheng! why is he so hot! *pant pant*
by FrUitYpoWeR101 March 04, 2005
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A very negative word used casually to show how attracted you are to something/someone - The Opposite of Peng
Logan Paul's hairline is sheng
How sheng was youtube rewind?
by Miles Davies December 28, 2018
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Sheng, commonly used in east London, as to describe being High on drugs.
This one is a Sheng head, all he does is smoke weed.
by Tunechifergz May 10, 2016
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When you have a slight chance and ask a girl out on a date to read books but she ignores you.
Man I tried the Sheng on a girl last night and it didn’t work.

Bro you gotta stop trying the Sheng.
by Psudophenomial July 21, 2019
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Kenyan slang- mix of swahili and english.... really cool if u understand what the hell they're saying
What the fuck did he say??
Don't worry about it- it's sheng!!
by miss J April 24, 2005
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