you i'm bout to read books later on tonight.
by mexicater February 25, 2011
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A tagline for a surprisingly longlived advertising campaign by Akademiks. The ads featured a hot chick sitting on a stack of books in a clearly suggestive position. See brain and get brain.
Ayo man, that Akademiks ad said if I read books I'ma get brain, b! You see that? "Read books, get brain". That ill wops homie! Watch I'ma go read something now.
by LDizzle July 25, 2008
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Is said to someone that lacks the knowledge required to do a given task or maintain a reasonable conversation.
John: The internet is a series of tubes.
Jane: Read a book would you!
by qwepoiqwepoiqwe August 27, 2012
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Vicky: Kaiden what the hell is taking you so long to get dressed.

Kaiden: sorry I was reading a book
by fayschullshot May 28, 2010
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1. A animated rap song.
2. when somebody make a stamment that was reacenly answer in a book, magazine or a newspaper.
1. guy1: hey did u see that new rap song called "read a book"

guy2: omg i lol so hard when i hear it.

2. guy1: omg i hope paris hilton get out of jail soon =*(

guy2: dude she been out for like a month or longer read a book >_>
by bl@ckm@rio August 16, 2007
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Codeword for sexual activity of some sort (options A, B or C)
"Shall we go read a book?"
"My, you're so good at reading books"
"If I come around, can I read a book with you?"
by Monkey! December 4, 2004
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A phrase you say when you have to go poop. The phrase comes from the usual act of reading a magazine, book or newspaper while pooping.
"Don't go in the bathroom. I just read a book."

"I'm gassy. I have to read a book"
by Vbui717 June 10, 2014
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