Shearer Is the surname of people who are super sexy usually carry a rather large penis, they usally are cocaine connoisseur and have a fine tongue for beer and pussy
There goes that sort again There goes that Shearer again
by Diggerdagger November 25, 2019
Noun, a person who shears things. This involved cutting off hair from a body.
A shepard shears his sheep of wool. a shepard is a shearer.
by ruffle October 30, 2005
When your Chode gets hard for your 8th grade science teacher
I just got a Chodie Shearer when I saw my sexy 8th grade science teacher
by Jeffery Epstein June 29, 2021
The term used for drunked naughtyness.
Primarily at House Parties as the 'Dirty Shearer' can have more fun.

Can be used as a word to define someone : A Diry Shearer
or to define drunken mishaps : Dirty Sheared
Dude : 'My Dad Walked in on me trying to have sex with an unconcious girl'

Dude 2: 'aw man, that sucks.'

Dude : 'I know. And the worst thing was he scared the hell outta me and my do da went somewhere else...'

Dude 2: '.....OMG man, u Dirty Sheared the poor girl'

Dude : 'Dammit, That makes me a Dirty Shearer ): '
by LittleRichard February 19, 2010
The sexual act of cumming into the air and then heading it so it hits someone in the face
Your mum took an Alan Shearer from me
by Sawsaw382 April 9, 2016
A person who enjoys using sharp objects to cut the excess wool of of small, unprotecting lambs (Whose names freuqently begin with the letter K and end with N). These vulnerable and pathetic lambs need a strong and big eyed boy whose name may or may not be Will Robinson to shear them frequently. These lambs may also need protection from prowling wolves such as Kendall and Sydney. Beware.
I called on the Lamb Shearer to take care of the poor and helpless little lamb named Kristen Jackson.

Sydney and Kendall almost devoured me, but my fearful Lamb Shearer rescued me from their sharp fangs.
by The Wolves May 5, 2010