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A proud footballing club from the port city of Newcastle in the north East of England.

Playing their home games at the massive 52,000 all seater stadium "St. James' Park" they have enjoyed top flight football for a long time.

Newcastle United is home to the player with the most ammount of goals in the Priemiership ever. Alan Shearer.

The clubs nickname is "The magpies" They play in Black and white. They are offcially the most powerful club in the North East, casting the likes of minnows Sunderland and Hartlepool in to shadow.
Newcastle United 5 - 0 Manchester United, 1996.
by ruffle October 30, 2005

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The City of Cambridge UK's favorate group of teenagers, who have a football team and a boxing team. They have rapidly become very famous.

Many believe they'll take over the world with their awesome popularity.

One day many believe they will look silly, trying to unite people like this, but how can the common cause of goodness be seen as bad?
Wow, theres AFC Spinney, winning another game of football and/or boxing.

Who wudda' knew.
by ruffle January 25, 2006

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Noun, a person who shears things. This involved cutting off hair from a body.
A shepard shears his sheep of wool. a shepard is a shearer.
by ruffle October 30, 2005

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