She is a fun loving chick who gets what needs to be done.
She often confuses her friends with her formal words and is very smart and brave.
This is one chick to look out for!
She is hot and the guys just need to know how perfect she is!
"Hey, did you see how Shawnee walks" said Bobby
"Sure did" says danny whilst drooling
by Telemite December 13, 2010
A beautiful human being who is always kind and has good grades
Yo Shawnee is so smart
by Skybunny66 November 13, 2020

A undercover witch, she will curve you, roast you, disrespect you and ignore you but still manage to have you whipped over her.

Yes her bums fat and her forehead too but as for the pussy? You can’t say the same. Yeah she’s got jokes and yeah she’s got money (even though her card is blocked), the only thing she doesn’t have yet is my kids kmt

Word tho she’s the typa gyal you wanna catch a charge over n a flight too when she texts you you can just feel the toxicity radiate through your phone fam it’s not easy to leave this one alone🤕if you ever meet a Shawnee make sure you run bro that’s all I can say
You see that Shawnee over there?
Yh that’s wifey
by KTrillz November 21, 2019
A Shawnee is the trickiest smut around. Usually is at a very young age, she will sleep with everything that moves. Keep her away from your boyfriend.
April: boyfriend was hanging out with "Jessica"!
Haily: Omg, shes such a Shawnee. Better watch out.
by xxrawr23xx November 6, 2011
REALLY hot actress that play Amanda in the saw movies.
Damn, Shawnee Smith is HOT.
by Adrian November 18, 2006