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Small, beyond beautiful, funny, realy cute, just amazing in every way possable, great to be around, the best girlfriend, who's hugs make everything better (. Never gets scared, hates country music, but loves dinos, durassic park, and swim. Only the luckiest guys alive get to meet a Haily
Im so lucky I met Haily.
by lefty1000aba July 08, 2014
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Usually a very short, brunette girl. Enjoys dying her hair, and likes a wide variety of piercings.

Haily can be a total bitch if you act like one to her, but if you are kind and friendly she will be there for you until the end.

Often called 'Emo', but can be a very positive person at times.

Drives a creeper van, and enjoys playing in the street late at night.

Haily often blames herself when things go wrong.
Boy 1: Wow that chick is such an emo!
Boy 2: Dude, not even. She's a total Haily!
Boy 1: Oh, my bad!
by ImHidingInYourBasement April 18, 2011
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Small short very loving not afraid of anything. She loves horses and think everything is cute even hairless cats. she has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. she hates dying her hair. Her favorite color is light blue, a small anger problem. she is nice to those who treat her that way. She loves the country and she wants to become a vet and support and be in the military. she has lots of people who like but never gets together with any of them. you are very lucky if she chooses to say yes if you ask her out. she hates being seen sad and will always insist that she is not sad. still do what you can to comfort her
I can see her on a Haily on the horse in the future .
by fadedadmirer June 10, 2018
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An offliggerd person. (Offended and flipping triggered) Loves horses and likes trees. Usually likes to be one herself. #Bethetree
Haily really likes he friend the Taco
by TacoTree January 20, 2018
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