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kissing my teeth

used by Africans to in place of the twwwww/tweeee/mtchew sound
Who told you to eat the fufu!!? didn't you know it was mine ehh?! *kmt* your head like goat

Mother: How many times do you want me to tell you to dilute the dishwashing soap!? eh do you think money grows on trees? if you dont come here and do it now now i will slap you so hard you will forget your name! twwww (*kmt*) useless girl.
by homosapien24611 August 18, 2011
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kiss my teeth - kmt

short msn/yahoo/aim.... word

say it wen som1 says or does somin stupid
kely: y dint u come my party yesterday
john:i had to go to a funeral
kely:kiss my teeth
by LiL Jka January 17, 2005
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An acronym of Kiss My Teeth. Basically, when you dissaprove of someone, or you want to show your dislike of them, you sort of put your tongue over your front teeth and make a little kissing noise (whilst giving them a dirty look). So writing KMT is telling the person that you don't like them.
Girl 1- Your such a slut! KMT.

Girl 2 - Shutup you bitch!
by Hannah.H :) October 04, 2010
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kmt= kiss my teeth
somebody will do dat 2 show dey hav no respect 4 u.
Or just 2 b plain rude
topman143:kk...if i bowcat u will u deal wid me
rudegal265: kmt
by hushbaby July 14, 2006
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In chemistry, KMT stands for Kinetic Molecular Theory. It is a theory that gases have certain Molecular properties.

Here are the properties:

1. The volume of gas particles themselves is assumed to be negligible.

2. Gas molecules are said to be in constant, random motion.

3. The collisions between particles are completely elastic, meaning the particles lose no kinetic energy upon the impact of other particles.

4. The temperature of a gas is the measure of the average Kinetic energy of the gas particles.
Today in chemistry, we learned the properties of gases based on the KMT.
by jmonkeybonej May 22, 2016
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Greek internet abbreviation for "Kane Me Trelo!" (english: "Drive me Insane!). The phrase is used when something exciting is said or proposed to you and drives you insane in a positive manner. The actual phrase in real life is expressed ecstatically in a loud vivd tone and so the internet abbreviation should be in upper case followed by an exclamation mark.
at 20.35 lampros said: yo. tonight @ Priza bar. free drinks to all topless girls. lol. wanna go?

at 20.35 kapsel said: KMT! for sure! c u there dude!
by kapsel September 25, 2009
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kmt iโ€™d rather smoke than be a slag like you
by godisadildo August 24, 2018
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