Pronunciation /'ʃām ,waʊw ɛd/

Verb, -wing, -wed

1. To trick, con, or hoax someone into buying something that is not worth the price paid.
1. I'm going to shamwow that kid into buying this balloon with a hole in it for his lunch money.
2. I got shamwowed into buying a pair of fake Nike shoes.
3. Yes I am shamwowing people, but only to earn enough money for school tuition.
by gabe17 December 20, 2008
A useless scam product that doesn't work like it's intended to
"This thing is such a shamwow!"
by Blargmuffin May 9, 2010
A nickname given to someone who annoys the living fuck out of you until you pray to God for the sweet gift of death
Jesus Shamwow, you make shoving a pine cone up my ass sound like a wonderful way to relax
by WannaBeTrollerCudosxxxx October 1, 2010
V. To remove the penis from the vagina during intercourse just prior to ejaculation and subsequently ejaculating on the females abdomen. Then proceeding to pat down the ejaculate with an orange or yellow towel then flipping the towel over and repeating the process. After following the previous steps you must ring out the towel while saying sham WOW!!! The wow must be said with unbelievable enthusiasm.

to be shamwowed
i am shamwowing
I was having sex with tim on his bathroom sink when he shamwowed the shit out of me!!!

see also the shit out of
by JustinHimmelbaum February 5, 2009
When a girl's pussy is too wet, so you take her panties off, shove them up her pussy to dry it off, then shove them in her mouth before she can ask what you are doing.
That bitch was like a slip n' slide and I couldn't get any traction, so I gave her a good ol' fashioned Shamwow.
by Adamlumin93 May 13, 2021
Someone or something that can say/do anything and everything, except for telling the truth.
Wow, he's definitely a shamwow guy, I can just tell that he's lying to me about everything!
by NotZbolt,DefinitelyNOTZbolt October 18, 2021
To cum on a a girl, then wipe it off with a shamwow, and then proceed to wring it out on her face. Afterwords yelling shamwow
by asdhlseye September 22, 2009