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When 5-O firsks a brotha lookin fo' his snaps.

A firsk search of a suspect by Police, or of a convict by a Correctional Officer.
Old School Police: "Give that yaig a pat down; make sure he ain't packin nothin"
by miller44 September 04, 2006
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The act of feeling for one's keys, wallet and phone before leaving the house.
Man... I left my wallet in the house! I really have bad pat down technique
by Pecks November 18, 2011
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A firsk search of a "suspect" by Police, or of a "convict"

by a Correctional Officer.
Above definition was found under a tentative definition of Pat down: Would it, more plausibly, read "frisk search" rather than "firsk search?"

The word "convict" has been defined in law, adequately.
But, it's more challenging to define the word,
by Jay ~ December 10, 2010
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