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The double handed action of your local bar tender as they top off your Guiness with said 'Shamrock' motif.

'To Shamrock' ; verb. To ladel your lover in an artistic fashion with your 'man muck'.

Post 'Shamrock' a wet wipe (or other absorbant material) is required. Its is advised to steer clear of using the curtains or other handy soft furnishings as febreze and vanish are not up to the job in hand.
"Why my sweet, do we have time for a 'Shamrocking' before we go to your parents for sunday roast?"
by furball69 March 16, 2010
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A trick played on a fellow athlete where the open hand smacks the target's testicles with the knuckles in a sharp, wrist flicking motion.
"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
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when one puts on a veteranary cone, shakes up a beer (preferably a yeungling) then proceeds to spray the said beer toward ones face and drink as much if the incoming beer as possible.
after jimmy was done shamrocking the beer justone gave him a hot carlson.
by steven douglas December 25, 2005
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Yelling out loud and crying when you lose at a game you suck horribly at
He had been shamrocking for ten minutes because he sucks.
by xx4nik8rxx January 04, 2012
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