A "Swiss cheese city" riddled with countless suburbs.
Ex 1:
Person 1: "I heard you are from Columbus, Ohio."
Person 2: "Well, technically I'm from Bexley, it is located right in the middle of Columbus, but is its own city.

Ex 2:
Person 1: "Yeah, I live in Columbus, Ohio"
Person 2: "Columbus Columbus, or some suburb of Columbus?"
by Hug13ful September 26, 2018
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A city in central Ohio with a population of about 730,000 and a Metro population of around 1.84 million. Columbus is currently the 15th largest city and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes who own everyone else. Columbus has a very vibrant skyline and downtown district as well as a plethora of new shopping malls and attractions. Columbus is the best city in the midwest, take that Chicago, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Detroit. We all know whose packing the real heat, its the C-Bus.
Don't mess with C-Bus, it'll own you all over the place. <3 Columbus, Ohio
by fatalfury March 19, 2006
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The state capital of Ohio, and the 15th largest single city in the US, with about 730,000 people in a metro area of about 1.8 million. It has a low profile, due to its general lack of pro sports teams (except the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets) and not many people outside Ohio and the Midwest know much about it, but is more known for OSU Football. The city loves to beat up on the UM Wolverines. Columbus is a major college town (OSU is the 2nd largest university by student body in the US) and is actually a nice city, with good jobs by Midwest standards and plenty of places for young people to hang out. Although Columbus is not necessarily a "big" city or a major US City, it is in the same tier of its peer cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis, with which it is probably most similar.
Columbus, Ohio is a major college town and a good place to live in general.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com July 21, 2008
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The capital city of Ohio. Isn't centered around The Ohio State University as some people think. OSU actually doesn't take up much area at all, and actually it isn't the only thing to do like most fucking sports fans think! Actually, Columbus is has a thriving downtown area and attracts many great musicians to play at its giant arenas. Columbus is a very smart, Liberal city and votes Democrat just about every time. The only reason a Republican might have a chance of winning in the presidential race in Ohio is because of all of the idiotic white trash in small towns in between big cities.
I'm from Columbus, Ohio and I'm Liberal and smart.

Columbus's people are just like New York's people politically speaking. The only difference is that the most famous newspaper in the city is Conservative filth.
by thegameisplause June 12, 2010
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