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We was in the club poppin' them Shamps all night.

I got a massive headache from all the Shamps I drank last night.

Champs is short for Champions. Shamps is short for Champagne
by The corrector August 29, 2013
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1. to exaggerate beyond belief resulting in disastrous consequences

2. to sass
1. "Last night I shamped Bob...I saw his girlfriend at a cafe and I told him she was cheating on him. Too bad he killed himself..."
2. "I just got fired, don't shamp me. I'm in no mood."
by Shamps McGee June 20, 2009
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Commonly refers to a person who acts like a fuckin retard in public whilst maintaining overall mental stature.

Can also refer to someone who acts like they are baked, fried, high, drunk, crunked, or otherwise fucked outta their mind from some sort of drug, when they are actually as sober a cop.

Meaning 1:

What the fuck is that stupid shamp doing trying to act retarded...hes just tryin to get a free sucker from that bitch-ass cashier..basterd.

Meaning 2:

Guy 1: Yo man look at the drunk dude tryin to sweet talk that ugly chick over their

Guy 2: Man hes not drunk at all, hes tryin to get some ugly wizard sleeve pussy, what a fuckin shamp.
by Shoosty69 November 12, 2007
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Shamp is a variable term used in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. It acts as an "x" might in a math equation. It can be used as a verb, adjective, noun, ect.
"Did you shamp my waffle?"
"I'm so shamping angry I could murder four shamps."
"Hey! What's up, Shampy."
"Shampy shamp in the shamper."
by NampleSack April 04, 2010
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1) a portmanteau for lamp shade

2) the act of wearing a lamp shade on one's head.

3) committing general acts of bufoonery
I drank so much at that party, I found several pictures of me shamping in the living room posted on the internets the following morning. I don't remember that at all!
by EJ Dubs August 10, 2009
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Shamps is a nickname for some one who get shampoo in there eyes when they take a shower, no matter what they do!
Shamps: Dude i keep getting shampoo in my eyes!!

Waffle's: poor shamps
by SteelWaffle August 10, 2009
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Slang for samples. Such as those analysed in a laboratory. Biological / chemical / geologic / building materials. Anything that someone must sructinise through the use of sophisticated equipment such as stereo and polarised light microscopes.

After working too long in such an industry this word can be used for just about anything...
"Dang those shamps are the bomb dawg! The dispersion staining colors they are exhibiting show that this sample is positive for chrysotile, homes!"

Or (should they have worked too long in such an industry):-

"Shamps those shamps are shamps, Shamps!"
by Kobie September 22, 2006
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