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The Shamoulie has a large variety of meanings, deriving from a compilation of the hottest old school styles found, it may vary significantly from one shamoulie person to another. For example Marlon Brando has had a high success rate on shamoulie charts as a true rebel of the 50's. His style was unique, and for this reason embodies one of the greatest badass figures in shamoulie history.

But contrasting this style, in another instance, the yuppie figure portrayed by Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), in the film American Psycho, is regarded as another strain of the shamoulie style, which includes the insanely superficial, and materialistic extremes. In no way does this strain follow our most recent advances in pop culture, but it more so the ideals of the yuppie era of the late 80's. Stock Brokers and CEO's mainly embody this shamoulie persona. To fully achieve this style, though, one much acheive extreme yuppie levels, which could possibly lead to killing streaks, such as the ones seen in American Psycho.

One thing which all shamoulies share in common, though, is a common lust to bang. Sex is a huge part of any shamoulie lifestyle due to the high levels of libido which true shamoulies posses. Keeping well oneself groomed, in shape, and with a boner 90% of the day is a common characteristic of shamoulies. Sexiness should be inevitable at true shamoulie level.

Aside from the idea of the Shamoulie persona, there is a large variety of uses for the word shamoulie within the english language. A shamoulie can be name any hot move, especially one made on a girl, wether successful or not. The shamoulie move is not limited to sexual acts, though, and even wearing certian articles of clothing such as a brown suit with a pink shirt (and an oversized collar protruding on either side of the blazer lapels) can constitute a shamoulie move.

Actual Objects can also be shamoulie, such as cars with style. The vintage muscle cars definitley fall into the shamoulie category, especially 1965 Mustang fastback GT500's and 1969 Dodge Chargers. All shamoulie vehicles can easily be tagged as chick magnets and may even be dangerous when true shamoulies drive them.
Aside from cars there are also places which can be shamoulie. Certian clubs, restaraunts and lounges, especially in and around New York city are widely regarded as shamoulie. Places do not have to be expensive and lavishly decorated or set up to be shamoulie though. There are many places which which encompass a more (Marlon) Brando style than the yuppie style. Places of more rebellious figures such as Sam The Lion's Pool Hall from the movie The Last Picture Show (1971), can earn a very shamoulie place in history.

The true meanings of shamoulie go on beyond any normal person's brain capacity, and can only be acheived by ways of the Rivers of Belief (Enigma)(commonly mistaken for the Rivers of Belize). A simple description can only bring fourth the most simple principles found in the shamoulie, such as banging, and style, though even those can not be fully described in words. To understand the shamoulie, one must live it.

Ahhhh yeees, hello, and there it is, yeeheeessss!
Listen, you don't know about my shamoulie style.

Shamoulie Style!

Dude, did you see that guy with the shamoulie zangieff, it was actually combed out 3 feet and it had a a gold chain tangled in it.

Yo, that car is so fucking shamoulie!
by Klopeck January 10, 2007
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