The moment of truth that occurs when you find out something you thought was really great is really all a facade. see Sham
I just got sham wowed. I was checking out this hot chicks ass and she turned around and 'snap' dude looked like a lady!
by keifermail September 30, 2009
A term commonly used when one ejaculates on his girlfriend's face and then uses his penis as a squeegee to push semen into his girlfriend's mouth, whilst shouting "Sham Wow, Baby! Sham Wow."
Dude, I gave my girl a nasty facial last night, but don't worry, I "Sham Wowed" her 'til she was squeaky clean.
by Im_Gumby_Damnit March 19, 2009
The act of close-fist jacking a prostiute after she bites your tongue while kissing her/him.
Darryl - "dude, I'm scared!
Leroy - "what's up?"
Darryl - "I Sham-wowed some hooker last night."
Leroy - "How?"
Darryl - "We were kissing and ahh...."
Leroy - "Wait! Why would you kiss a hooker?"
Darryl - "Your right...I'm a tool."
Leroy - "Laters!"
by darryl&Leroy May 5, 2009
The first and last shammy you'll ever need. Trust me, This thing does miracles. Works in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even your new boat.

Don't trust leading imitators!
-"Hey Jeff?"

-"Yeah Kwon"

-"Hand me that Sham-wow!"


-"Me and the wife just had sex"
by Kreg Keagy July 23, 2008
A super absorbent towel, made by the germans. You know the germans always make good things.
Guy 1: Holy shit, I just spilled a whole bucket of cola on my new carpet
Guy 2: Theres your mildew...thats gonna smell
Guy 1: WOW! this towel thing just absorbed it all up!
Guy 2: Sham wow, you'll be saying wow everytime
Guy 3: Thas mah damn COLA
by Owen Meyer January 11, 2009
When your girlfriend thinks she is being cute by biting down on one of your body parts and you shout "Sham Wow Bitch!" while punching her in the face until she lets go.
Just like what the Sham Wow guy did except it was a hooker and he got arrested.
by Wish I was in Florida July 1, 2009
To go SHAM WOW on someone is like saying you are going to open a can of whoop ass or postal on them.
Don't make me go SHAM WOW on you. That dude just went Sham Wow on that guy.
by DJ Architect April 9, 2009