Seton Hall Prep is a Catholic boys high school in West Orange, NJ. It is known for being the oldest Catholic high school in the state and for glorifying the jock culture. Most of the jocks there are so insecure and resentful about not having gotten into a better private high school (usually Delbarton, the other large Catholic boys school in North Jersey) that they assuage themselves by degrading anyone they can. Usually, this takes one of the following two forms: the Neanderthal, hateful, angry, insecure SHP jock will 1) go on blogs like this to insult Delbarton and its students (which is pathetic, since almost all of Delbarton's graduates go to Ivy League or "Little Ivy League" colleges in SHARP contrast to SHP graduates) or 2) bully any classmate at Seton Hall Prep who is not a jock and/or a Neanderthal.
This is best exemplified by reading prior entries on this blog where Seton Hall Prep's OWN STUDENTS unwittingly undermine SHP's reputation by their semi-literate, angry, immature, homophobic, ignorant posts. Further examples of the semi-literacy and slothfulness of the SHP Neanderthal SubType can be found on other student blogs like "Rate My Teacher".

For example, see prior definition where the proud Seton Hall student brags that at SHP, they are better at banging the sluttiest prostitutes (HIS reference to their girlfriends). Yeah.... that's impressive. I'm sure the administration is proud of THAT definition.
by SHP survivor March 1, 2011
Seton Hall is more than just four years. It is for life. The students are known for their sense of humor, extreme pride in being a pirate, and ability to drink more than thought humanly possible. A prep student can be easily spotted by his tie, oxford shirt, khakis, and dress shoes. There are three types of kids that prep students are classified as: Preps from Morris County, Guidos from the area surrounding Caldwell, and Ghetto kids from the greater newark area. Often times students from Delbarton describe Seton Hall students as rejects from their school. However, these students from Delbarton have large foreign objects up their asses(generally dildos), and forget that they would be at Seton Hall too if their fathers had not donated $500,000 dollars for a new football scoreboard, and had a penis that could be measured without the word "nano" involved. Seton Hall kids are tough, fun, and down to earth.
Delbarton Kid: Hey you go to SHP. You must have been rejected by our school.
Seton Hall Prep Kid: (roundhouse to the face) You have been rejected by my foot.
by setonian December 8, 2005
A mediuim sized, all boys catholic school. If you play A sport, you are a god. Home of the "juicers". Run by jocks, especially jocks from Caldwell. Great at sports and proud to be anti-delbarton. If you are from newark , the oranges, the caldwells, and some of morris prolly go there. Best known for its baseball team and the coach who runs it. If you can take on ten people at once and win in a fight, than you DEFF go here. You understand the phrase: "What's a Green Wave?" and "Daddy's beamer". Mainly because it pertains to the real ass pirates of delbarton. your lacrosse coach is crazy. if you go there than you have prolly grown up with everyone you are firneds with in the school. if not, than your from another state. home to THE best dances of any school in north jersey. some of your teachers might seem a little "out there"....thats becasue they were major stoners in college....and prolly still are. you also know that you can't hide the fact that you service the BIGGEST whores in new jersey, but that okay with you. but you are still the best school in north jersey and you know it.
Boy 1: I heard some kid took on 10 guys at once in a fight. Where is he from?
Boy 2: Seton Hall Prep.

Girl 1: Damn, i wanna bang, where should I look?
Girl 2: Seton Hall Prep
by Pirate Phanatic April 6, 2005
Home of the Pirates, one of the top schools in New Jersey for a whole bunch of stuff. (Baseball, Hockey, Lax, Academics, ect.) An all guys school, located in West Orange and just generally kicks ass. Also home to the toughest private school kids in New Jersey. Students renowned for being able to beat the shit outta ppl. Side note: Rival is some school of little or no standing called delbarton.
Girl 1: Wow that kids amazing, he just beat the shit out of ten kids at once, where's he from?
Girl 2: Seton Hall Prep
by easton472 December 27, 2007
Seton Hall, an all boys high school in west orange. It was established to accept all the kids who were rejected from Delbarton and are bigger druggies than the kids in Summit High School. It is full of varsity hockey wannabe's that wish they could actually beat the Green Wave of Delbarton. They get destroyed every year in many other sports, such as lacrosse. O, and look at first entry for better summary.
The Seton Hall Butt Pirates adore the butt

Example: The Legend of Butch and Byron...ask your local seton hall student about it. He'll start drooling.
by Butt Pirates February 3, 2005
An all-boys Roman Catholic private high school in West Orange, New Jersey. Home of the "Pirates," Seton Hall Prep is best known for its athletics as well as its lack of academic rigor. Being the next-best New Jersey, Catholic private high school behind Delbarton, many Delbarton rejects settle for Seton Hall, resulting in a deep, profound rivalry between the two. The two schools often meet in important playoff matches for sports including soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and football, in which Delbarton typically wins. Many top athletes in New Jersey choose to attend Seton Hall Prep because of their robust athletic programs and exceptional facilities, however, they are inevitably disappointed when applying for colleges, as their school's facile academics leads them to be outperformed by students from, for example, Delbarton. Furthermore, Seton Hall students face many hardships in having to compete fruitlessly against Delbarton students for women, due to the highly sought-after “Delbarton hoodie.” Seton Hall students have an exceptionally hard time locating and securing semi-formal dates, often resorting to men alternatively. Thus, making the average Seton Hall Prep student, entirely bitchless. Sadly, their snapchats tend to be utterly barren, and their snap scores are chronically low. Contrary to what any Seton Hall student will tell you, their school is in fact not superior to Delbarton and should be avoided entirely, females beware.
Example 1:
Girl 1: What school do you go to?
Boy 1: Seton Hall Prep.
Girl 1: Oh, ew.

Example 2:
Girl 2: Hey, can I have your hoodie?

Boy 2: Sure I go to Seton Hall Prep.
Girl 2: Wait, never mind!!

Example 3:
Girl 3: Hey, you’re cute, let’s go out this Friday!
Boy 3: Sure, after I finish lifting at Seton Hall Prep with my boys.
Girl 3: Oh, wait, I actually have to eat dinner with my family sorry!

Example 4:
Boy 4: Hey, can I get you something to drink?

Girl 4: Heyyyyy! Sure, I’ll take a watermelon white claw.

Boy 4: Ight, my fellow Seton Hall Prep brother will grab it for you.
Girl 4: Sprints as fast as humanly possible away from all recognized SHP patrons.
by Bob Ross1432 December 31, 2022
Seton Hall is a school full of kids that got rejected from Delbarton. No one in their right mind would want to go here. They have bad sports and lose in every sport. They throw bad parties and they have no future in life. They max out their daddy's credit cards and will live off of a trust fund for the rest of their lives. If you meet someone that goes to Seton Hall, just know that they are a loser because when you go to SHP, you lose everything.
Anyone: Hey, you go to Seton Hall Prep?
Seton Hall Kid: Yuh, why?
Anyone: I'm sorry you didn't get into your first choice. Better luck next time.
by November 15, 2020