AKA CWell - Conveintly located about 45 min from NYC and 45 min from the shore. Home of the Sopranos, Fortes Pizza, and Grover Cleveland. A small town where you are defined by which Dunkin Donuts you go to, lower or upper. A town with no shortage of Lexus's, BMW's, and Audi's in the JCHS parking lot - and those are the students rides. Italian guido boys and preppy popped collared girls. We have the Jersey Attitude and can bring it out when needed. Think Laguna Beach, but on a lower scale. We own "Sleazside" on prom and mem day weekend, and we know it. A town where volleyball and softball are consistantly ranked top 10 in the state, yet football is the biggest sport. We can get to 3 malls in under 20 minutes and we like it like that. And we know that no matter what, we are always better than those spoiled guido West Essex idiots.
"Where you from?"
"Man I'm from Caldwell, I'll meet you at upper dunkin and we'll talk"
by CWELL April 22, 2006
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Caldwell is a street in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The neighbourhood nearby, Carlington is also considered caldwell. A place where you will find needles on the ground and rats scurrying across the streets at night. You’ll find shootings on nearly every street, two across the street from eachother in the same year. Populated by mostly arabs, black boys and rich asians, plenty of white wannabe black boys will walk around like they’re black, and get jumped for it. There are drugs everyone, most notorious for heroin and crack cocaine, and it’s teenager coke heads and pot heads. If you live there you’ve probably had a knife pulled on you before.
“Brooo, let’s go to caldwell
“Nah bro too much shit goes down let’s just stay in westboro.”
by Zinngo December 21, 2018
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A small town in southern central Kansas. Full of rednecks, hicks, conservatives, and no one who lives there is very good at drinking. Some people from Caldwell are total idiots. Kansas should force them to move below the border into oklahoma. They would fit in down there.
Well I don't know how they do in Kansas City but here in Caldwell we drink and drive for fun. That or cut kittys down on main. Hell we even shoot guns while driving while drinking.
by Johann Bjartsnmeshurts April 5, 2011
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Thriving suburb in northern nj. Suburbs of Newark amd New York city. about a 2 minute drice from Newark which is a positive. I grew up here. Probably one of the most toughest towns to grow up in, evertything is very violent. You can find some of the scummiest and grimiest people here always looking for a fight. However, one of the best party town in New Jersey. Its said that no town goes harder than Caldwell when it comes to parties. Teens here are chill but tough. Loved living here wish i still lived there
Whoa those kids are from Caldwell stay out of there way.
by Bmarra79 June 4, 2013
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a source of insperation and knoledge that is generally very large.
thats a caldwell-like eggrole
by Tashi A-D July 24, 2006
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The act of hitting the "like" button on everyone's comment on a status update or picture.
John: "I just got 24 notifications on my status, what the heck?"

"Yolanda: "Nothing new, Jimmy is just out Caldwelling again, he'll stop after he gets bored, or, well, you die."
by gustopheles February 10, 2012
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Attempting to attack your opponent by insulting their mother, resulting in a backfire that allows your opponent to win an election.
You'll never believe it! Scomo just pulled a Caldwell. Not long to go now!
by BillForPM May 11, 2019
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