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Used by rappers when they can not think of any other lyrics.
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started by Mitchel Cave, lead singer of Chase Atlantic (not Ariana Grande), used on their eps Part One, Two, and Three also on their self titled album Chase Atlantic.
yuh, positively thinking got me reaching now
by chasetrash August 11, 2018
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used as a function word especially to express assent or agreement or to introduce a more emphatic or explicit phrase; yes
"Do you enjoy pie?"

by Ram-Dawg June 29, 2004
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A word that is super litty and has no meaning but is still fire
Question: Do you want to go play basketball? Answer: YUH
by Ye BOi Daw December 04, 2017
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An expression of sudden self satisfaction, pronounced just the way it sounds. The word YUH should be said with a highly tensed up voice such as the one you have while pushing out a big constipated piece of crap on the toilet.YUH!
YUH! I just raped in halo.
by Spicyzesty September 19, 2010
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