She's shy at first, but once she gets comfortable with her surroundings she is the most outgoing person you will meet. Incredibly beautiful. Has the prettiest dark eyes ever. A total goofball, but she can carry herself with class and elegance anytime she wants to. Passionate, caring, and gentle. A definite people-person. Always there to make you laugh, and she will always be a shoulder to cry on. Basically the mother of your friend group. Trustworthy, responsible, and reaches for the stars. Most likely will become a model or actress. Possibly president. Deals with no ones bullshit. Her personality is incredibly beautiful. All around the most amazing friend anyone can ask for. Always carries a crown on her head.
Woah, she's fiery. Who is that girl?

Oh her? That's Queen. She's amazing.
by bucky.barnes May 1, 2018
A band that is the very epitomy of kick-ass. They stormed the charts with Bohemian Rhapsody in the 70's (the version on the Greatest album is 5'58'')this includes rock, ballad and choral music - something not achieved by many people. They shamelessly wrote about the brilliance of gurls with fat asses *cheers to self tht someone appreciates us!* (fat bottomed girls)"Save me" is an anthem for the heartbroken, its a beautiful song. "Who wants to live forever" was written in the back of a car on the way home from hospital when freddie mercury discovered he had AIDs. The lyrics usually mean something if you listen to them deeply enough. And c'mon. If you're still not convinced they rock, when 15 year olds still listen to we will rock you about ten years after the lead singer died - its gotta be a pretty fantastic achievement.
"Mamma, life had just begun, but now I've gone and thrown it all away..." Beautiful.
by Amandycat March 27, 2004
A beautiful girl , who doesn't take disrespect from nobody! She's smart and does what she wants when she wants. She doesn't let nobody bully her and kicks-ass!
This girl is such a Queen!
by she is so like that! February 28, 2017
everything that a band should aspire to. amazing vocals, beautiful lyrics (who wants to live forever) and good friends.
i miss freddie mercury, best singer EVER!
queen still rocks and will forever!
by The Diddler 82 August 29, 2005
A woman or women who would never put others down for any reason. Uplifting to all, empowering, and loving, gaining pleasure from others succeeding rather than failing.
by MahoganytownXD February 9, 2021
The ruler of the commonwealth realms and other municipalities and former colonies. The one being who with a single command could send a fleet of wooden ships to commence the desolation of the eastern coast of the United States. A true lady.
The queen has ordered that at noon everyone within the commonwealth must have tea.
by The Scientific Method October 7, 2019
Always follow her own lead and stays in her own lane . A beauty in real life and a smile that light up brighter days once her energy passes you in any way she will make you forget that you’ve had a bad day & have your mind wondering about her she’s easily trusted and never judges she holds something that no one in this universe has you’re automatically addicted as soon as you lay eyes on her she’s Truth inside and out . Everyone need her rare type in their life or it won’t be right without it
Queen is someone to hold on to like a soul food dinner when you’re starving
by Slimcinn November 19, 2019