sepo is a derogatory term for an American used by Australian soldiers during ww2 , short for septic tank meaning yank.
I wish that sepo would go home.
by Al64 July 25, 2018
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American. (Australian cockney rhyming slang.) From: Yank --> Tank --> Septic Tank.
Is he a Candian? No, he's a Sepo.
by The Linguist August 16, 2003
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an adverb. stupid irrational, crazy, irrating confronting, person
that was one sepo muthafucka
did you see that cunt go all sepo on his ass
by dave December 22, 2002
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1. a name given to Americans that talk alot of shit, have monstrous horse teeth and complain about everything.

2. a term often used when talking to or about Jake Bryant
dont tell that sepo Jake that where going to the party
by darren June 27, 2004
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